This terrified dolphin is being dragged away from her family - who are about to be slaughtered.

This terrified dolphin is being dragged away from her family - who are about to be slaughtered.

This terrified dolphin is being dragged away from her family - who are about to be slaughtered.


Take action to stop the shameful hypocrisy of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA), and spare animals from unspeakable horror.

WAZA says it exists to promote animal welfare and conservation. But some of WAZA's members and affiliates - who pay WAZA membership fees - are doing the opposite. They're buying dolphins captured in the bloody Taiji dolphin hunts, and abusing scores of other defenceless animals. WAZA knows this - and yet takes no action against its members.

Publicly, WAZA says the Taiji dolphin hunts violate its Code of Ethics. But behind the scenes, WAZA actually agrees to the captures.

Add your name to the global outrage. Call on WAZA to help stop dolphin hunts and other appalling animal cruelty.

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WAZA endorses its members, some of which are involved in the world's worst animal cruelty. The pain suffered by these animals is horrific, and so is WAZA's hypocrisy.

In addition to the Taiji dolphin hunts, there are WAZA members that chain and beat elephants. Some WAZA members buy wild beluga whales that have been captured in terrifying hunts. In WAZA facilities, distressed bears live in tiny cages, and tiger cubs that appear drugged lie lifelessly in tourists' laps for photos.

WAZA, which is the world's peak zoo body, accepts these facilities' money, and takes no action to stop their cruel exploitation of animals.

Please help put an end to these horrors.

Australia for Dolphins is behind a global campaign to shame WAZA into doing the right thing by animals: stopping cruelty and defending their welfare.

Please sign and share this important petition.

When we reach 100,000 signatures, Australia for Dolphins will hand deliver the petition to WAZA headquarters in Switzerland.

We'll invite media and, with your voice, call the world's attention to WAZA's hypocrisy.

If there's one thing a member-based organisation like WAZA doesn't like, it's bad press and negative attention. Help blow the whistle on WAZA's hypocritical behaviour.

Send a clear message to WAZA and its global members that cruelty to animals must stop now.

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Update 23rd April, 2015: After our petition passed 55,000 signatures, WAZA just announced it's throwing out its Japanese member (JAZA) for its part in the Taiji dolphin hunts. This incredible news shows your petition signatures are working. But there are still WAZA facilities chaining and abusing scores of defenceless animals right now. Please SIGN and SHARE the petition with your friends now.

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To: Gerald Dick, Executive Director, World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, Switzerland

Take a stand against animal cruelty and ask all WAZA members to stop purchasing dolphins from the Taiji drive hunts - or expel them!

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The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums claims to promote animal welfare and conservation, but it supports facilities that capture animals from the wild using some of the most inhumane methods imaginable.

Dolphins captured in Taiji for display in WAZA affiliated aquariums are subject to severe levels of stress and suffering. Their friends and family members who are left behind are slaughtered using methods that experts believe register 'at the highest level of gross trauma, pain, and distress'.*

As WAZA is aware, it is the capture of dolphins for sale to aquaria for hundreds of thousands of dollars that provides the economic incentive for the horrific slaughters that turn Taiji's cove red with blood. Your members are providing demand for Taiji dolphins, and ensuring the traumatic hunts continue.

It is within WAZA's power to condemn gross acts of animal cruelty and rebuke organisations such as JAZA, the Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums, for supporting the violent hunts.

Instead, WAZA does nothing to discipline these members. It endorses and accepts fees from facilities responsible for shocking acts of animal abuse.

As Executive Director of WAZA, stop turning a blind eye to mass acts of cruelty being supported and undertaken by members of your organisation.

Gerald Dick: Demand that all WAZA members give assurances they will stop buying dolphins from the brutal Taiji drive hunts... or expel them from WAZA immediately.

* Butterworth, Brakes, Reiss, and Vail, (2013), A Veterinary and Behavioral Analysis of Dolphin Killing Methods Currently Used in the "Drive Hunt" in Taiji, Japan.

Angel, one of the victims of dolphin hunting. Action for Angel is an animal welfare battle AFD is fighting in Japanese courts.